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Silver Fox

Handcrafted Soap

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Silver Fox-is a tribute to my Grandma Charity and Grandma Faye. They loved their “stories” like the Young and the Restless featuring Sweet Vic Willy. If you know, you know. Blended with Donkey Milk, Bentonite Clay, Castor Oil, Essential Oils: Sage, Bergamot, Tonka Bean and Wood. Topped with Black Sea Salt and Activated Charcoal. The scent of machismo grabs your attention! Who’s your Silver Fox?

Donkey Milk: Protects from bacterial infections. Serves as a tool for people with eczema, neurodermatitis or psoriasis. Softens & hydrates.

Bentonite Clay: Flushes out toxins and dirt, manages acne and relieves dermatitis. Soothes Skin.

Castor Oil: Used for improving skin and hair conditions.

Black Sea Salt: Unclogs pores, great cleanser, promotes blood circulation and a healthy glow.

Activated Charcoal: Soothing for acne, detoxifying, and exfoliates without stripping skin of natural oils.

*Bars are created in small batches and may differ in design but not ingredients. 

Handcut: 5.8-6 ounces